Interview Tips

Tips to remember before the interview

  1. First of all, read the interview letter carefully and list out their requirements for the interview.
  2. Always draft a reply to the interview letter confirming the date, time and location of the scheduled interview. In case of doubt, do mention it in the letter and ask for a clarification.
  3. Be on time. You may have to complete certain formalities before the actual interview. Thus, make sure you reach the venue at least 15 minutes earlier.
  4. Arrive early or be exactly in time for the interview.
  5. Let the receptionist know about your arrival.
  6. Carry your interview letter with you.
  7. Carry extra copies of your resume. You may have to distribute them to the department heads for filing purposes.
  8. Be neatly dressed. A clean and a professional dressing style is a sure way to impress the panel of interviewers.
  9. Do not smoke, chew gum, or eat garlic beforehand.
  10. Be well versed with your profile. You may have to elaborate your resume orally to the interviewers.
  11. Take some time to gather information about the company to which you have applied. Visiting their website and reading reviews will give you an insight into the company and will also prepare you for any discussions regarding the company.
  12. Any applications handed before the interview begins, are to be filled in as accurately as possible, make sure they match the information in your CV and Cover Letter.

Tips to remember during the interview

  1. Always knock before you enter. Out of nervousness, many candidates forget this basic etiquette which is unacceptable.
  2. Greet the Interviewer with firm handshake and a smile. A pleasing and calm demeanor soothes the initial tension.
  3. An eye contact spells your confidence. Maintain eye contact with your interviewers while responding to their questions.
  4. Your body language also speaks a lot about your personality. In fact, panelists can expertly decipher your body language and make out how involved you are during the ongoing rendezvous
  5. Be eloquent about your past achievements. Highlight those accomplishments that address to your current job application.
  6. Clearly define your aims and objectives and underline your qualities.
  7. Be confident in yourself, stay calm throughout the interview. Do not fumble or stammer. In case you do not understand their point of view, politely ask them to rephrase their statements and reply accordingly.
  8. Don't be arrogant; that's something that may cost you the job.
  9. Always keep a smile on your face; never frown.
  10. Listen carefully to every word said and show interest.
  11. Don't say a word you're not 100% sure of; especially the foreign words.
  12. Speaking too much or too less is definitely not recommended. While it is expected that you elaborate your replies, drifting from the original subject should be avoided at every cost.
  13. Answer the interview question by more than a simple yes or no but try not to go over the 60 second limit.
  14. Avoid interrupting any panelist. Listen to what they have to say and speak only when they have completed their question.
  15. It's better to let the interviewer determine your salary.
  16. Reply to every question truthfully. A white lie can be very disastrous if the panelist asks you to verify your statements.
  17. Don't ask too many questions because that leaves a bad impression.
  18. Don't ask about the salary until the interviewer brings the subject forward.
  19. Discussing your salary package should be handled with care. Avoid quoting an unreasonable amount. Weigh your responsibilities, capabilities and your role in the organization and negotiate accordingly.
  20. Avoid bad mouthing your previous employer. Negative comments will only help them to evaluate your approach towards the current organization.
  21. Try to be diplomatic in answering questions about politics or religion.
  22. If you like the job, say it but without degrading yourself.
  23. By the end of the interview, gracefully thank the panelist for the meeting and say that you're looking forward for a potential cooperation.

Tips to remember after the interview

  1. Remember to send a brief thank you note for the opportunity given to discuss the prospective employment.

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