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Senior Architect

OKOPLAN Engineering Consultations

- Alex, Egypt
Posted In 4/6/2018
Job Description
1. Study the project at the early start and send mail including any missing data, any clarification needed or any suggestions.
2. Study the Project management plan and send mail with any comments or missing data to the project manager
3. Check that all standers, codes and specs are applied on the project
4. Supporting the designer to specify the design concept and coordinate with other time leaders to prepare the BODR (Basis of Design Report).
5. Check design calculations to insure that all services are sufficient for the building type.
6. Coordinate with other team leaders to specify the Plumbing, Structure, HVAC systems while preparing the design.
7. Leading all the team at all design process and while preparing colored drawings and presentations until schematic design stage completion.
8. Every team leader for all disciplines are required to send his coordination comments and requirements at the early start of the project
9. Prepare Basis of Design Report (BODR) & drawing list
10. Prepare list of specs
11. Review BOQ
12. Help the team to improve their qualifications
13. Control all technical issues
14. Coordinate with all disciplines
15. Organize the project data as ÖKOPLAN standards

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About The Company

ÖKOPLAN is a full-service engineering consultancy firm, originally founded in Stuttgart, Germany in 1990. Another office was later established in Cairo, Egypt in 1993. The firm is a unified multi-discipline organization that delivers innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet and exceed clients´ needs through focused and responsive teamwork.

With more than 180 engineers, our scope of services covers a variety of specialties: planning, urban design, landscape design, architectural design, interior design and structural engineering. Our work volume in the Middle East comprises projects that cover- in total- around 25,000,000 sqm of land. Annually, we develop more than 1,400,000 sqm of project built-up areas, starting from conceptual design to construction drawings and tender documents, in addition to site supervision and construction management.

INNOVATION is considered the driving force of our work. commits itself to creating original solutions that strongly relate to the surrounding environment. Each and every project is tackled from within its unique circumstances in order to manage its constraints, while unleashing its potentials. TEAMWORK is considered the backbone of our practice. It is achieved through the interaction between members, who inspire each other so as to reach higher levels of performance. We all work for the best interest of the task at hand. ENJOYMENT is the spirit of our team. We all take pleasure in the designs we conceive, in transforming visions into reality. Together, we have created much more than just a design group. It is our greatest joy to focus passionately on materializing novel ideas throughout our practice.

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