Accounting Manager

Shaheen Center

- الجيزة, مصر
نشر في 28/11/2020
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• Implementation of financial and accounting procedures approved by senior management.
• Control the documents issued and received to the accounting department, and ensure that they are correct and that they contain the necessary signatures.
• Maintain the books and accounting documents necessary for the application of the approved accounting system, and make sure to register them legally and save them after completion of the legal period.
• Supervise the preparation and approval of registration bonds before being recorded in the accounting books.
• Participate in the periodic and annual inventory of materials and fixed assets and match them with their accounts.
• Supervising the preparation of bank reconciliation statements on a monthly basis and showing differences (if any) and informing the financial manager for review and preparing the necessary settlement restrictions.
• Oversee the recording of transactions in accounts payable and issue payment orders at specified times.
• Prepare settlement adjustments at the end of the financial period based on the instructions of the CFO.
• Preparation of detailed balance sheets and general accounts at the end of each month and verification of the balances in each of them.
• Report any violation of the financial policy or financial procedures applied by the various departments and sections of the Association or any deviation shown in the periodic financial statements.

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High proficiency in the use of automated accounting systems.
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