Mechanical Technical Office Engineer

United Engineering company

- الجيزة, مصر
نشر في 18/1/2021
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design drawing ,project specification, supplier quotations, etc )
• Perform design review for awarded project and confirm all related calculations like load, static pressure drop , hydraulic, pipe sizing, duct sizing calculation
• Review design drawings prepare workshop drawing
• design HVAC System or communicate with consultancy offices for designing HVAC & Fire Fighting Systems
_Preparation of the Financial and Technical Offers for mep work
_ Take Off quantities
_ Preparation of the Pre qualification’s
_ Highly accurate ability to estimate costs and expenses
_ Knowledge of contractual terms and conditions
_ Issue purchase orders and follow up on the supplier’s payment.
_ Negotiate and estimate needs budget for the implementation.
_ Follow up with suppliers till goods delivery.
_ Manage suppliers to meet objectives related to cost, delivery performance, schedule and quality.
_ Perform regular performance review with suppliers to drive continuous improvements.

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الحد الادنى: 2 سنوات الحد الاقصى: 6 سنوات

المستوي المهني


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كل الوقت

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1 مكان شاغر


الحد الادنى: 5000 جنيه مصرى


اى اختيار

الدرجة العلمية

بكالوريوس / ليسانس

الكلية / المعهد



هندسة إلكتروميكانيكا, هندسة ميكانيكا قوي


الحد الاقصى: 30 سنوات



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الجيزة, مصر


العربية - لغة الوطن
الإنجليزية - جيد جدا

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اى اختيار

أمتلك رخصة قيادة

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Faculty of Engineering, Mechanical power department
Auto cad
Experience in HVAC systems
Communication skills
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UEC was established in 2010 by Eng. Ahmed Elbasel as an electromechanical contracting. Since then it has developed rapidly specialized in HVAC, Firefighting & Light current Contracting projects with long list of projects executed in Egypt UEC mission is to provide high quality professional services to its clients in an efficient, timely manner, with the highest standards, state of the art and economical solutions. With our qualified employees, UEC has successfully executed more than 50 prestigious projects with very high proficiency and engineering excellence, presenting an impressive portfolio of electromechanical services in the markets.

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