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نشر في 17/1/2021
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شركة استثمارية تطلب مديرين مبيعات (مرتب ثابت من 5000ل8000 +كومشن +بونص سنوي) تأمين طبي واجتماعي
خبرة في مجال المبيعات3سنوات علي الاقل
مؤهل عالي
موقف محدد من التجنيد
لتحديد ميعاد الانترفيو يرجو الاتصال او ارسال ال c.v علي 01118151021

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A Global and Regional Insurance Company
Libano-Suisse is a pioneer in the insurance industry in the Middle East and Gulf region, and a market leader in its home market of Lebanon.
We provide private and corporate customers with a comprehensive range of products and services that cover General, Life and Health Insurance.

Our head office is located in Beirut and we cover the local market with a network of branches, agents and brokers. The Middle East and North Africa are served by our agents, foreign branches and sister companies.

With a strong capital base, sound financial management, a skilled and dedicated team of over 250 and the backing of internationally reputed reinsurers, we offer all our clients the protection they require and the service for which Libano-Suisse is renowned.

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