Science Section Head

Al Mansour Modern School

- الشرقية, مصر
نشر في 8/12/2019
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To provide leadership in the development and management of science department.
To advise the teachers on the aims and policies of the department and provide as well as control the resources required to implement goals.
To coordinate the preparation and development of courses of study, teaching materials, teaching programs, methods of teaching and assessment.
Provide vital link between both teacher and top management.
Clarify the meaning of school's mission, vision, and strategic goals.
To contribute to Quality Assurance procedures in line with whole school policy.
To contribute to the selection for appointment and professional development of teachers and non-teaching staff including the induction and assessment of new and newly qualified teachers to work in the school.
To seek to ensure the effective use of the school’s equipment, proper Maintenance of the materials and fabric of the school and the observance of relevant health and safety regulations.
Control student progress and make sure achieving highest standers of science teaching methodology.

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الحد الادنى: 5 سنوات الحد الاقصى: 20 سنوات

المستوي المهني

مدير / مشرف

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1 مكان شاغر


قابل للتفاوض


اى اختيار

الدرجة العلمية

بكالوريوس / ليسانس

الكلية / المعهد

تربية, علوم


أحياء, كيمياء, فيزياء


الحد الادنى: 30 سنوات الحد الاقصى: 50 سنوات



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الإنجليزية - طليق / ممتاز

أمتلك سيارة

اى اختيار

أمتلك رخصة قيادة

اى اختيار

مهارات الوظيفة
Leadership and Management abilities.
Responsibility for Teachers and Students.
Responsibility for Research (self-development).
Well knowing English, especially scientific terminology.
People Management.
Financial Management.
Quality Assurance.
Excellent use of technological tools.
Effective use of science laboratories.
Development of Academic/Research Standing.
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We believe that education is imparted both inside and outside the classroom. To that extent, we have endeavored to create an environment that is conducive to learning. Though your children are with us for only part of the day, we make sure it is a highly rewarding experience.

The interactive teaching in the classroom lends itself to the sharing of knowledge enabling the child to be an active participant, think critically and share ideas and experiences. Correlating subject matter across the curriculum and supplementing it with the rich and diverse culture of Egypt makes learning more enjoyable and broad based.

Research and project based learning, field trips – educative and exploratory, educational media are just some of the tools to make the teaching and learning experience enjoyable and effective.. Opportunities are created for expression and teamwork to self-reflection and self-confidence. We work to ensure that every day adds up to an enriching, exciting and enchanting school life experience

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