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"Customer”, the word that describes the most important aspect in any business, which, in whatever industry, business revolves around! As the innovative business cultures and technological world have evolved and as customers have gained more insights and have become more aware of the services companies offer, their demands have changed from standard supply of services to consultative & customized innovative services, as to address their own unique business needs! We in ETISAL International, one of the leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies in the Middle and Far East, understand the importance of the “Customer” and therefore, with many years of accumulated expertise in serving YOUR customers, we always strive to deliver high value-based, distinct & innovative BPO services! To fulfill its vision of becoming one of the leaders in its industry, ETISAL International has managed to shift its paradigm and service offerings to ‘customize’ solutions that uniquely meet each customer’s outsourcing business needs to help them focus on their core businesses and better serve their customers. In addition, we focus with deep attention as to when, where, and how to serve our customers through our global coverage and understanding of the uniqueness of various cultures bundled with various industry best practices. Along with that, our family also focuses on their commitment to providing our partners with first-class quality, increasing the value of their clients, appreciating the value of human capital, implementing top notch best practices and state-of-the-art technologies in whatever industry or field our clients serve! ETISAL International continuously works internally and externally on enhancing its management and operational standards, whether in transparency with our clients, flexibility in operations, integrity in our activities, passion to serve, and last but not least, exceeding our clients’ expectations!

وظائف في Etisal
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Call Center Agent - خدمة عملاء العربي

القاهرة, مصر 26/4/2021
لوجو الشركة

كول سنتر عربي

القاهرة, مصر 7/4/2021
لوجو الشركة

دعم فني

القاهرة, مصر 3/4/2021
لوجو الشركة

Technical Support Representative

القاهرة, مصر 7/3/2021
لوجو الشركة

Technical Support Representative

القاهرة, مصر 2/3/2021
لوجو الشركة

ممثلي خدمة عملاء

القاهرة, مصر 21/2/2021

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