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Through Tabarak company:
We are specialized in a variety of infrastructure activities which represents about 60 % of our activities , these include:
1- Drinking water, irrigation networks, pumping station and treatment plants.
2- Sewage networks , Pumping Station and treatment plants.
3- Electric , Communication networks and stations.
4- fire networks and pumping stations .
5- Roads, sidewalks and landscaping

Through Tabarak company:
we are also specialized in super structure activities which represent about 40 % of our activities, these include :

1- Housing projects.
2- Industrial projects.
3- Commercial projects.
4- Tourism projects.
5- Finishing and decoration works.
6- Maintenance and repairs establishments works.

As a midsized contractor , we have a vision to expand and develop our activities to be a category one company .we have developed our activities to enter the renewable energy sector and have established a company specialized in this sector.

As a Company , we harness our internal resources of construction , engineering , procurement and infrastructure development expertise , bringing these to bear on every project we undertake.

Across our business, every day, customers are benefiting from our experience and technical skills, our team of engineers, equipment fleet and our strong , network of suppliers , Since establishment and till today.

Tabarak is holding a significant competitive edge through infra structure and superstructure companies in Egypt.

وظائف في Tabarak
لوجو Tabarak

Project Manager - Aswan

أسوان, مصر 5/7/2020
لوجو Tabarak

Site Accountant

أسوان, مصر 25/6/2020
لوجو Tabarak

مهندس ميكانيكا

الاسكندرية, مصر 31/5/2020
لوجو Tabarak

Project Manager

قنا, مصر 18/5/2020
لوجو Tabarak

Civil Technical Office Engineer

القاهرة, مصر 18/5/2020
لوجو Tabarak


قنا, مصر 13/5/2020
لوجو Tabarak

أمين مخزن

قنا, مصر 16/3/2020
لوجو Tabarak

محاسب موقع

قنا, مصر 16/3/2020

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