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About us:
Trust Group has rapidly become one of Egypt’s leading providers of recruitment services from 2010 until now . Our high profile attracts a stream of quality employment from national and international companies. We endeavor to supply a quality and innovative service to all clients. We are compiled of 3 main divisions, each providing an unrivalled service to a specialist area of the global market ,And we have an extensive recruitment program designed to find the very best candidates for you We are confident in our ability to match the right people to the right positions based on careful analysis of their skills, experience and personality Upon receiving instruction to recruit new employees we will meet with the appropriate members of your team to obtain a job description and discuss selection criteria. We believe our quality service is enhanced through client interaction. Our repeated business from satisfied clients is a reflection of this .

At Trust Group we accommodate a wide and diverse range of clients and candidates. Our clientele range from global corporations to small start-up companies.
We work across all levels and all industries. Through this diversity we provide a service like no other. Our team has excellent specialist knowledge in their sectors and a thorough understanding of the issues faced by organizations. We provide a personal consultancy service that revolves around integrity.

So, We Are Glad To Inform You That We Can Help You In Finding The Appropriate Employees For Your Vacancies Who They Are Well Trained And Have The Experience That You Prefer At The Following Majors:

1- Medical sector , All medical specialties

2- Engineering Sector, All kinds of engineers and And technicians: (civil, architect, electricity, mechanics……etc)

3- Technical and Administrative Sector : ( accountant, sales & marketing , teachers , administrators , customer service, advertising, networking, reinforcing fitter, carpenters, plumbers, foreman, builders,

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مهندس ميكانيكا

القصيم, السعودية 15/3/2020
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مهندس ميكانيكا / مدنى

الدمام, السعودية 15/3/2020
لوجو الشركة

مندوب مبيعات مواد غذائية

الرياض, السعودية 7/3/2020
لوجو الشركة

مدير تطوير

الجبيل, السعودية 5/3/2020
لوجو الشركة

محاسب يحمل مؤهل تربوي

جدة, السعودية 5/3/2020
لوجو الشركة

فني صيانة مخابز اليه

الرياض, السعودية 4/3/2020

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