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مسئول دعم فني وتصميم


- Cairo, Egypt
Posted In 20/12/2018
Job Description
1- السن من 25 الى 32 سنه .
2- حاصل على ( بكالوروس ) .
3- الدورات التدرييه ( فى الشبكات 2012 على الاقل – فوتوشوب – برامج تصميم اخري – WORDPRESS ) له خبره لا تقل عن 3 سنوات .
4- له خبره فى التعامل مع الكاميرات
5- يجيد اللغه الانجليزية .

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Min: 3 Years Max: 4 Years

Career Level


Job Type

Full Time


2 Open Positions





Degree Level

Bachelor's degree

Faculty / Institute



Information Technology


Min: 25 Years Max: 32 Years



Residence Location

Cairo, Egypt


Arabic - Fluent / Excellent
English - Good

Own a Car


Have Driving License


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About The Company

Sammakia Bros. Co. was found by Mr. Radwan Sammakia. The company is specialized in the manufacture and trading of circular knitting products, according to applicable global standards. For more than 15 years, Sammakia Bros.

Company continued to add to its core competencies operating in dire competition in the cotton marketplace, leading the way of innovation and creativity in manufacturing and trading operations.

Making excellent use of the globally-branded Egyptian cotton, state-of-the-art equipment, managed by high-calibre professionals and craftsmen working through a solid network of modern showrooms, Sammakia Bros. succeeded in building customer trust and loyalty through a wide range of classy and elegant home

wear and underwear products. Our premium quality products are now widely used and adopted by wide variety of customers, with our client
base growing every day, as we offer highly-sophisticated products at low, affordable prices.

Customer satisfaction has always been our supreme goal. To achieve such noble aim, we continuously aspire to enhance our core capabilities and permanently improve our staff expertise, already evolved and developed over the years. Intensive and extensive Production, Sales and Customer Service training programs are continuously introduced to our staff, qualifying them to deliver the extraordinary value to end customers. Sammakia Bros.

Company strives to satisfy the needs of each of your family member, with the wide range of home wear and underwear it offers. Comfort, quality, durability, softness and innovation are the key idiosyncrasies we endeavour to provide in every single product. This is the blend we attempt to achieve. Our corporate goal is to be the label for the royal, globally-renowned Egyptian cotton and to offer our esteemed customers the comfort and quality they are worthy of.

We strongly believe that the equation of high-quality materials plus highly professional, well-equipped staff headed by wise and strongly-com

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