Corporate Sales Manager

Ahmed El-sallab

- Cairo, Egypt
Posted In 8/11/2018
Job Description
-Overseeing and coordinating all activities and operations of the corporate sales department:
-Coordinating the activities of corporate sales team in order to build a -healthy and profitable relation with buyers and other associates;
-Assigning members of the team to the company’s accounts;
-Devising new and original strategies and techniques necessary for achieving the sales targets;
-Setting weekly, quarterly, monthly, and annual sales targets for the -Sales Executives and other Sales Representatives, making sure these targets are realistic and achievable;
-Defining and implementing corporate sales policies and procedures;
-Researching and identifying corporate sales opportunities, generating leads, and targeting potential customers:
-Looking for and establishing contact with prospective customers
-Acting as a company representative in relevant trade shows and other related events.
-Developing, maintaining, and improving relationships with key accounts to maintain a high level of service and customer loyalty.
-Meeting with other company Managers to ensure that business objectives are being properly executed and are on schedule.
-Liaising with the Marketing department in order to create a more thorough and effective corporate sales campaign and strategy:
-Overseeing the recruitment and training processes of new corporate sales staff members:
Monitoring the performance of teams and corporate sales goals;
-Reading and evaluating the staff’s corporate sales reports; and
-Ensuring that each team member meets individual goals, as well as the overall corporate sales goal of the company.
-Keeping up-to-date on current market changes and trends to be able to come up with new and original corporate sales strategies,
-Staying updated in the latest trends in corporate sales by regularly ----reading specialized literature and attending workshops and seminars; and
-Keeping track of the com

Job Category

Job Requirements


Min: 8 Years Max: 10 Years

Career Level

Supervisor/ Manager

Job Type

Full Time


1 Open Positions





Degree Level

Bachelor's degree

Faculty / Institute



Business Administration


Min: 30 Years Max: 45 Years



Residence Location

Maadi, Cairo, Egypt


Arabic - Very Good
English - Fluent / Excellent

Own Car


Own Driving License


Job Skills
· Bachelor’s degree in a business-related area,

· 8 to 10 experience years in similar position

· Demonstrated organizational, managerial and leadership skills

· Strong communication, administration, and people skills

· Fluency in Arabic and English

· MS Office proficiency
About The Company

أرقى و أحدث التصميمات و الصيحات العالمية في عالم السيراميك و البورسلين
- خدمه عالية الجودة قبل و بعد البيع
- ضمان على المنتجات
- اسعار تخاطب جميع الفئات
- اختيارات تبهرك من اماكن كثيره حول العالم ( المانيا , ايطاليا, فرنسا , الصين , الهند , اسبانيا ,
بلغاريا , االمارات , مصر)
- كل احتيجاتك تحت سقف واحد
- فريق عمل مدرب على اعلى مستوى
- خدمة نقل لجميع المحافظات
- مهندسين تصميمات تساعدك على اختيارك للذوق المناسب لك
- ماركات صحى وماركات خالطات وماركات سيراميك محلى ومستورد

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