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Posted In 21/2/2019
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About The Company:
We are an early startup company in the field of Full Stack Development and Machine Learning looking for talented, creative, and enthusiastic professionals to build our team in a stepwise base according to our business growth.
We are a very ambitious startup and committed to innovation and challenging business model. Our values are built around three pillars. The first one is to create simple, innovative and intelligent solutions for our customers. The second pillar is that we value our team as they are our most valuable asset and the key for any success. Then comes the concrete pillar, which is our culture. We are looking to build a culture of professionalization, integrity and to build an exceptional success story while having fun and joy in every bit of our hard work.
Role Objective:
The Mobile App developer will be responsible for rapid development and continuous enhancement to our three main Mobile App products based on the product & development roadmap. The role objective will focus on developing intelligent, high functionality and impressive visualization App with solid integration with our backend SAAS product.
The role will require traveling flexibility. In some cases, the traveling period could last for several months.
Role Responsibilities
Develop and integrate the mobile apps required by the Product team and insure the requirement fulfillment according to the defined quality standard.
• Gather the development requirement from the Product team.
• Apply the need discussion with the Product owner to insure full alignment and efficiency to the development cycle.
• Proactively discuss the client’s requirements and the proposed solution with colleagues.
• Create, maintain and implement the source code to develop mobile apps and programs that meet the needs of our customers.
• Develop application programming interfaces (APIs) to support mobile functionality.
• Using and a

Job Category

Job Requirements


Min: 3 Years Max: 7 Years

Career Level


Job Type

Full Time


1 Open Positions





Degree Level

Bachelor's degree

Faculty / Institute

Computer & Information


Computer Science


Min: 23 Years Max: 35 Years



Residence Location

Cairo, Egypt


English - Fluent / Excellent

Own a Car


Have Driving License


Job Skills
Technical Requirement:
Develop and integrate the mobile apps required by the Product team and ensure the requirement fulfillment according to the defined quality standard.
• High experience with native Swift & Android app development.
• Solid background with cross platforms/hybrid App development framework such as Xamarin, Ionic, React Native, or Flutter.
• Previous experience in developing Retail & E-commerce mobile App’s.
• Experience with using GIS services & API’s.
• Solid background in applying payment functionality and payment getaway integration.
• Ability to use real time push notification functionality.
• Experience with applying reporting and graphs functionality in Mobile App’s
• Advanced skills in UI&EX latest trends especially using animation features.
• Ability to integrate cloud service in the mobile App.
• Solid knowledge in using Rest API’s.
• Ability to integrate with backend systems specially developed in Python & JavaScript.
• Ability to integrate with Social Media.
• Knowledgeable with using communication & Chatting API’s.
• Familiar with Augmented Reality for Mobile App is a plus.
Required Skills:
The right candidate should be highly adapted to Agile Design practice, innovation, workflow simplicity concepts, and customer impressive UI design skills.
• High sense of intuitive design.
• Drive to keep up to date with developments and trends in the tech and modern media world.
• The ability to learn quickly.
• The ability to interpret and follow technical plans.
• Problem-solving skills.
• Strong organizational skills.
• Mathematical aptitude.
• Strong communication skills.
• Self-motivation, creative, and out of the box thinker.
About The Company

Confidential Company

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