Public Relation Manager

Al Mansour Modern School

- Sharkiya, Egypt
Posted In 5/1/2020
Job Description
Representing the school in front of governmental and private bodies and institutions
Establishing good relations with various institutions and individuals
Dealing directly with parents
Lead and train the public relations team
Lead the Admission team
Attracting new applicants
Manage school advertising campaigns

Job Category

Job Requirements


Min: 10 Years Max: 30 Years

Career Level

Supervisor/ Manager

Job Type

Full Time


1 Open Positions


Min: 5000 Egyptian Pound (EGP)
Max: 8000 Egyptian Pound (EGP)



Degree Level

Bachelor's degree

Faculty / Institute

Business Administration


Public Relations & Advertising


Min: 30 Years Max: 50 Years



Residence Location



English - Fluent / Excellent
French - Very Good

Own a Car


Have Driving License


Job Skills
He has high skills (communication and persuasion skills - managing dialogue and discussion with others - tact and good looks - the ability to persuade - the ability to solve problems
Fluent in using computer software
About The Company

We believe that education is imparted both inside and outside the classroom. To that extent, we have endeavored to create an environment that is conducive to learning. Though your children are with us for only part of the day, we make sure it is a highly rewarding experience.

The interactive teaching in the classroom lends itself to the sharing of knowledge enabling the child to be an active participant, think critically and share ideas and experiences. Correlating subject matter across the curriculum and supplementing it with the rich and diverse culture of Egypt makes learning more enjoyable and broad based.

Research and project based learning, field trips – educative and exploratory, educational media are just some of the tools to make the teaching and learning experience enjoyable and effective.. Opportunities are created for expression and teamwork to self-reflection and self-confidence. We work to ensure that every day adds up to an enriching, exciting and enchanting school life experience

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