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- Sharkiya, Egypt
Posted In 3/3/2024
Job Description
Suitable eye protection, gloves and clothing shall be worn during welding or cutting operations or while cleaning scale from welds.
When working in a confined space, always have someone present to render assistance in case of emergency, and follow all other confined entry procedures before entering the confined space.
Adequate ventilation and respiratory protection shall be used while welding in confined spaces or while brazing, cutting or welding zinc, brass, bronze, cadmium, galvanized or lead-coated material.
Application of these rules is the responsibility of the welder; if he is in doubt about the fire safety of any particular situation, he should ask for additional instructions from his supervisor.
One man should be assigned as a fire watcher. He is to watch for fires, have the proper fire extinguisher available, stay on the job after welding and cutting is finished to make sure that there is no fire danger, and know the location of the nearest fire alarm signal box and telephone which can be used in an emergency.
Cylinders shall not be placed or stored where sparks from welding or cutting operations can reach them.
Do not drop cylinders or permit them to strike each other.
Cylinders are not to be hoisted by wrapping a sling around the body or cap. A carrier must be used which holds the cylinder securely and positively prevents it from falling out.
Care should be taken in the handling of cylinders so as to keep from obliterating or damaging the color and title identification of the material.

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Min: 3 Years Max: 8 Years

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Full Time


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Bachelor's degree

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Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Production Engineering


Min: 25 Years Max: 40 Years



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Arabic - Very Good
English - Good

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٣ .اخصائي أمن وسلامة وصحة مهنية خبرة سابقة في شركات المقاولات يفضل من سكان بورسعيد خبرة من ٣ الي 7 سنوات يشترط حصوله علي دورة اوشة ودورات سلامة واسعافات أولية
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