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Sanaya Human Capital

- Amman, Jordan
Posted In 30/6/2013
Job Description
1- Responsible for the implementation of the Safety Management Plan, Environmental Management Plan, HSE procedures by the EPC contractor in accordance with the contract, policies, procedures and the contractor’s PEP.
2- Responsible for the implementation of the AES CMT Safety Management Plan, Environmental Management Plan and HSE procedures.
3- Responsible for all internal and external HSE reporting.
4- Develops and implements both internal and external auditing procedures for the project as part of the CMT PEP.
5- Develops, initiates or implements existing HSE related training programs.
6- Initiates and implements a “Best Practices” program for the CMT and the EPC contractor.
7- Maintenance of all required records, files and correspondence in accordance with project procedures, industry standards, and local codes and requirements.
8- Performs such other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the Construction Manager.

Job Category

Job Requirements


Min: 5 Years

Career Level

Supervisor/ Manager

Job Type

Full Time


1 Open Positions





Degree Level

Postgraduate Diploma

Faculty / Institute



Environmental Sciences





Residence Location




Own a Car


Have Driving License


Job Skills
1- 2 year or equivalent advance diploma in science or engineering,
2- A minimum of 5 years of experience with safety and health in the construction industry.
3- In depth knowledge of OSHA and ISO standards
4- Good computer skills
5- Good oral and written communications skills
6- Proactive approach to the execution of duties and responsibilities
About The Company

Sanaya Human Capital began in 2006, focusing on people and their knowledge. Specializing in corporate training, Staffing Solutions and business consultancy; Sanaya Human Capital serves the private and public sectors in the Middle East and North Africa.

Driven by some of the most qualified consultants and recruiters, highly specialized in their own market sectors, Sanaya Human Capital is dedicated to meeting and exceeding its clients’ demands and needs.

Based in Amman – Jordan, Sanaya Human Capital has a network stretched across the region. It has also built strategic partnerships with comparable recruitment and training corporations around the world.

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