Bilingual Arabic/English Instructional Designer

University of the People

- Work from home, United States
Posted In 21/5/2019
Job Description
Position Summary:
The Instructional Designer closely reviews courses in development to ensure they are instructionally sound, meet the intended learning objectives, and meet our overall quality standards. The Instructional Designer monitors curriculum development status and progress and identifies and removes barriers to keep production on schedule. Further, this position will closely monitor and review each course as it is taught and make adjustments as needed based on student, instructor and institutional feedback. The incumbent will collaborate with others in regards to program documentation, approval, and relevant accreditation implications. This position helps to define and document processes, procedures, and course development standards within this pilot.

• Manage the Subject Matter Expert/Course Developers working on the design and development of the designated courses
• Ensure the application and integration of appropriate teaching and learning theory and distance learning principles into a web-based course development process
• Provide assistance with the selection of instructional materials and the design and use of learning tools and activities for an interactive online environment
• Provide guidance and assistance for the creation of effective and meaningful assessments of student learning
• Contribute to the identification of quality open education resources
• Assist with the creation of effective and meaningful assessments of student learning
• Provide direction on the design and development of course syllabi, course learning outcomes, and curricular mapping
• Track progress and ensure timely completion of the overall project
• Upload course materials and media in Moodle, as needed
• Other duties as assigned

Job Category

Job Requirements


Min: 2 Years

Career Level


Job Type

Full Time


10 Open Positions





Degree Level

Master's Degrees

Faculty / Institute

Education, Business Administration







Residence Location



Arabic - Native / Mother Tongue
English - Fluent / Excellent

Own a Car


Have Driving License


Job Skills
Minimum Qualifications:
• Bilingual in Arabic and English
• Bachelor’s degree in instructional technology, business administration, education or related field
• Experience with the use of relevant technologies and authoring tools, and at least one learning management system
• 2-3 years of relevant instructional technology/design experience
• Demonstrated ability to design, execute and manage online curriculum development projects
• Strong organizational skills; able to prioritize and execute multiple tasks
• Self-starter capable of working independently while also being a team player
• Excellent computer and technology skills
• Strong oral and written communication skills
About The Company

University of the People is a fully-accredited, non-profit, tuition-free, degree-granting online institution dedicated to opening access to higher education to qualified students from across the U.S. and around the globe. It capitalizes on open access technologies and open education resources to ensure that neither cost nor geography is a barrier to educational opportunity. UoPeople uses advanced technology to create an inclusive community of students and course instructors from over 200 countries. Their diverse political, economic, social, and cultural backgrounds create meaningful collaborative learning experiences that prepare graduates for the global and ever-changing world they will inhabit.

UoPeople is in the vanguard of online institutions serving an international student body and is leading the way in creating structures for effective operations in a virtual environment. Its instructional, administrative, financial, technological, and student support teams are composed of individuals who work from home, wherever home might be. Its governance, policy-making and management structures and carefully articulated organizational boundaries differentiate units with respect to authority, responsibilities, and accountability, and its system of extensive communications within and across units unifies the organization into a single, smoothly-functioning entity that minimizes duplication and ensures coverage.

UoPeople is an equal opportunity employer and seeks applicants who share its values of quality, opportunity and access and who are representative of its diverse student body. More information about the institution can be found at

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