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  • 10-99 Employee
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  • Egypt - Giza
About The Company

Company Profile: Integration of the company created the employment of Egyptians abroad to meet the need of the Arab market in the country&all countries of employment in all discplines&that new thinking &modern scientific approach to achieve the highest levels of precision in the choice employment,using the various forms of advertising&marketing of scientificcardes with different classification by computer through for high-level advisory committees are guided by opinion&are linked to computer network installations dealing with the company to obtain all information on the manpower needed at any time you want to bring into
The company is registered according to the employment history is filled with the models showing the scientific level of certification &years of experience as well as the willingness to travel &the immediate social circumstances,&their average salary is required to be done so that this information is ready at the request of the authorities and bodies,hospitals,institutions &enterprises wishing to bring the Egyptian labor
Disciplined required to provide a highly efficient &do interviews to select suitable candidates & provide curricula vitae &to prepare schedules for the work of final interviews with a representative of the company (client)&then make the necessary formalities to move these workers to the client in case of scarcity of specialization or unavailability of the database company to be announced such as the official newspaper Al-Ahram
We are extracting a visa for someone who wants to travel during the three days after the completion of all his papers&if they matched any obstacles, we thank God,we can solve them &help them
Our Business Priorites:1-Rapid delivery
2-Evaluation &testing:Avaliable to the company’s integrated team of various disciplines of experienced re-evaluation the efficiency &select Advanced from the job seekers &to identify levels &suitability for the tasks assigned to them 3-The Transfer of ca

Jobs at El-Takamol
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English Teacher & Supervisor

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 7/7/2020
El-Takamol Logo

Math Teacher & Supervisor

Eastern, Saudi Arabia 25/6/2020
El-Takamol Logo

Science Teacher for international schools

Dammam, Saudi Arabia 25/6/2020
El-Takamol Logo

French Teacher

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 4/3/2020
El-Takamol Logo

Art Teacher

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 3/3/2020
El-Takamol Logo

Arabic Teacher

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 3/3/2020
El-Takamol Logo

Science Teacher

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 3/3/2020
El-Takamol Logo

Computer Teacher (Primary - International)

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 3/3/2020
El-Takamol Logo

Physical Education Teacher

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 3/3/2020

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