Petro Engineering

Engineering Services
  • Company Size:
  • 500-1000 Employee
  • Company Location:
  • United Kingdom - London
About The Company

PETRO is a focused supplier of consultancy, engineering and project management services to its customers in the world's oil and gas, minerals and metals, clean energy, environment and infrastructure markets. The offices are a modern open plan design with an on-site restaurant providing free lunches to all staff. In addition, all employees have free use to a market leading fitness center which is a short walk from the office and PETRO is also providing an opportunity for job seekers within and ou

Jobs at Petro Engineering
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Information Technology

Al Farawaniyah, Kuwait 12/8/2013
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Rome, Italy 12/8/2013
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Dubai, UAE 11/8/2013
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Alex, Egypt 11/8/2013
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Alex, Egypt 10/8/2013

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