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Photo Name Company Name Job Title Success Story Post Date
photo walid ali abdelrahman Vodafone egypt sales supervisor - customer service - store manager - key account - senior sales - branch manager i`d like to thank you about the website , it`s eas...More 30/6/2016
photo Mohamed Moustafa Ahmed وزارة الصناعة مصلحة الرقابة الصناعية eletrical engineer بدأت عملي بالمصلحة في سنة 2007 بعد تخرجي بعام وتدر...More 20/2/2016
photo abdelmaola sayed ahmed emc company, French company for wood industry safety officer / مشرف سلامة وصحة مهنية 4 years experience, OSHA course, OSHA constructi...More 13/2/2016
photo ِAhmed Mustafa Atyaa Beeco Industrial Engineer (Quality or Production ) i`ve applied for a job from the amazing site (Arab...More 23/5/2015
photo Abdelhameed Ibrahim zaiti Co. for petroleum products Financial Accountant I am an accountant in the south branch and make th...More 3/5/2015
photo salah kamel retured as a g manager senior translator, researcher and online representaive story of my success and my strugle to promote my s...More 3/5/2015
photo Khaled Fouad Elrawy Arabian Cement Co. Oracle Application Consultant & Developer ► Participated in Oracle Application Implementatio...More 3/5/2015
photo eslam gamal Butagasco Assistant Director of Human Resources الأشياء الحقيقية تبدأ دائماً بالأحلام وسرعان ما يف...More 3/5/2015
photo Amir Mustafa Alzoghbi معهد تطوير الموارد البشرية العالي للتدريب بالخفجي محاسب عام منذ 22-11-2014
وحتى اليوم وانا اخوض مقابلات و...More
photo Ramy Mohamed Sabry Azoz Mountain View Realetate Company Accounting , Finance , Budgeting Working As Budgeting & Costing Section Head More 3/5/2015