photo Waleed bin Ismail Lutta
AutoCAD Operator
WL Consulting
Sales & Retail
My name is Waleed Lutta and I’m from South Africa. I used to work in Bahrain as an account manager at Tylos Plastic Industries before I went to Kuwait on a visitor visa to join my family, wife and son, who was two years old at the time. It was then that I started to look for a job to settle with my family in Kuwait, but all my attempts failed. One of my friends suggested I update my account on, and so I did by updating my CV and phone number. After a three-month job search I was still unable to find a job and had booked my trip back to Egypt until I was contacted by Dagher & Hinnawi International in Kuwait one day prior to my scheduled flight asking me to sit for an interview. I successfully passed the interview stage and was chosen to fill the position. So I cancelled my flight and finally settled down with my family in Kuwait. Thank you for making this joyful and wonderful event happen, you played a major role in reuniting my family by helping me find a job in Kuwait. Thank you!